Sunday, February 2, 2014

The Wheelers - Part II

I'm writing my family history story Feb 1-28, 2014 Family History Writing Challenge 

"Come here Elijah.  Come and sit on my lap.” Rex said.  Elijah was his cute curly haired five-year old grand-nephew.  He was precocious and everyone loved him.  He was the kind of kid you enjoyed being around because he always seemed happy and content.  He had an old soul like he had been in this world before.  His two front teeth were missing but he had a grin like a Cheshire cat.  If he wasn’t flashing a smile he would charm you with those big beautiful brown eyes.  “Here I come, Uncle Rex.” Elijah said as he ran with all his force into the family room.

The family room was a large rectangular space with cathedral ceilings and crown molding.  It had just been newly renovated.  There were seven large oak windows that faced the west, and the best sunlight filled the room at this time of day.  The fireplace was centered on the north wall and on the mantle were 18 framed pictures of family members over several decades.  The frame in the center was larger than the rest and contained a sepia wedding photograph of a couple in 1926.  Above the mantle hung a triangle glass box with an enclosed military burial flag.  On the south wall were French doors that led to a screened-in porch and an outdoor deck.  Ironically, you could feel the coziness of the extra-large space that sponsored many family gatherings, parties, holiday festivities but most of all storytelling.

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