Friday, January 31, 2014

Surname Saturday - Pritchard

The following information has sources.  If you are a relative or have information about this line of the Pritchard family, please get in touch with me.  I am interested in learning more and willing to share information to help others continue their research.

Storyline:  It's all in a name.

My maternal grandfather is Ernest Lee Pritchard Sr.  He was born 16 March 1901 in McMinn County, Tennessee, USA.  He died on 10 Jan 1975 in Cleveland, Bradley, Tennessee, USA.  I have traced his ancestry back three generations:  his father Robert Dodson Pritchard, his grandfather James Pritchard, and his great-grandfather Alfred Pritchard.   Circa 1835, the family migrated from North Carolina to eastern Tennessee.  The family settled in McMinn County, Tennessee circa 1855.

Robert Dodson Pritchard
           b. Jan 1862 in McMinn Co., Tennessee, USA
           d. 28 Apr 1924 place unknown
James Pritchard
b. 1836 in Tennessee, USA
d. unknown
Alfred Pritchard 
b. 1805 in North Carolina, USA
d. unknown
The name Pritchard is of Welsh origin and is derived from ap. Richard which means son of Richard.  The name is found in ancient records with various spellings, for example Prichert, Prichart, and Pricherd.  The most common usage in modern times is Pritchard and Prichard, and in my family line they have used both spellings. It is said that the ancient Welsh Pritchards were related to the Pritchards of London who were noble.

Early colonial history of America has shown many Pritchards who have emigrated from Wales, but there is no evidence that any of these individuals are related to my Pritchard family, at least not yet.

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