Saturday, February 15, 2014

Sepia Saturday - The Crowd

 Sepia Saturday

Chicago Freedom March, 1963

In celebration of Black History Month, I selected this photo of "the crowd" in Grant Park in Chicago, Illinois. This photo was taken on July 4, 1963, during the Chicago Freedom March era.  The rally was part of a larger six day NAACP Convention which began in the city on July 1, 1963.  Mayor Richard J. Daley led the march through the city, down State Street, and to the rally in Grant Park.

March down State Street, Chicago Tribune Collection, 1963

 At the rally, Myrlie Evers the wife of slain civil rights' leader Medgar Evers received the NAACP's 48th Spingarn Medal posthumously for her husband's outstanding leadership.  Mayor Daley opened the rally with a welcome address but was quickly booed off the stage by the crowd who did not favor his political policies.  Forty-five years later President Obama's election night rally was held in the same location. As  long-time residents of Chicago, my family has very fond memories of both events.


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