Monday, January 27, 2014

The Book of Me, Written By You ... Well It's Not Winter (Prompt 4)

Prompt 4:  The prompt for week 4 is "Favorite Season" and these are the questions.
  • Why?
  • A Happy Memory.
Close your eyes and imagine your favorite season – write down what you see, feel, and hear.

It is not hard to imagine my favorite season when it is one of the coldest winters in Chicago and the city is being called Chi-beria.  Today, it is minus 14 degrees with wind gusts at 40 MPH, and they are suggesting that if you do not have to go outside then don't.  The weatherman is reporting that today Alaska is warmer than Chicago.  With that said, I guess you can tell that winter is not going to be my favorite season.  At least not today.

My favorite season is summer.  That is not to say that I don't like the other three seasons.  I would just prefer to run through them instead of sitting down and enjoying the weather.  There is an energy of life in the summer months that doesn't exist for me during the other seasons.  Let's just say, summer and me just have great chemistry.

My favorite holiday is the 4th of July.  I enjoy the tribute to our country, not to mention, I love the cookouts and fireworks.  The fact that it occurs on a warm summer sunny day is an added bonus.

Summer reminds me of oceans, sunsets, flip flops, sunshine and blue skies, flower gardens, sun-tea, Italian ice, outdoor concerts, movies in the park, carnivals, sun on my face, beaches, bare feet, toes polished, baseball, barbque, road trips, boating, cotton candy, and Frankie Beverly and Maze.  All of them are my favorite things.    

If I close my eyes to visualize summer .... I see an ocean beach under blue skies and billowing clouds with the rays of the sun beaming down on my face.   The warmth of the sun feels so healing and replenishing.  I can smell the salt water and hear the roaring waves of the ocean slamming into land.  I feel the sand between my toes and a slight breeze in the air.  The weight of the climate is light and delicate.  It is a perfect setting for reflection and contemplation.  I feel a sense of contentment, peace, and resolve.  This is what makes summer my favorite season.

Chicago Fireworks


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